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Thursday, 22 August 2019

preposition with examples

Preposition with examples :- 

Before knowing preposition with examples at first we learn what is preposition.

preposition with examples

What is preposition:-

Preposition told us the time when something happens, somethings position, some work is done. Sometime preposition is used for ending the sentence.

Some examples of preposition:-

About , after , by , before , at , on , in , with , under , for , from , off , of , within , into , over  etc...

 Preposition with examples :-

1. The pen is on the table.

2. The fan is over my head.

3. We are playing in the garden.

4. Mohan will come from patna within five day.

5. Sohan has come from mumbai.

6. The chair has been broken by Rahul.

7. at school , at college , at work , at corner , at buttom , at party , at station.

8. Rohan jump into the river.

9. Plz switch off the fan.

10. Sita is telling about Tajmahal.

We can also say that preposition is used before the Noun or pronoun.

preposition with examples

How we catch the write preposition:-
If you are a student then when you start studying preposition then you feel the preposition when you make a sentence then automatically which prepisition is used in which sentences you catch very fastly.

So when ever you study you must focus on your study, study deeply some days then you taught clearly.

I think that you have cleared all the things related to Preposition with examples.

Hope you questions are solved if you have any questions then you clearly say in my comment box I am trying to solve your question.

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