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Monday, 5 August 2019

What is Noun (4-Aug-2019)

             What is Noun :- 

A Noun is the Name of person, place , animals, feelings, ideas, things etc .

We Can also say in another word that Noun is a Naming word.

Everything that you see and think all are Noun.

What is Noun (4-Aug-2019)

There are Five kinds of Noun.

1. Proper Noun 

2. Common Noun

3. Collective Noun

4. Material Noun

5. Abstract Noun

Hope you might have  learned about what is Noun and all five kinds of Noun so you read carefully.

1. Proper Noun :-  

Proper Noun is the Name of a particular Person, place or things.

Example :- Bhagwad Gita , Mumbai , yamuna , Ram , etc.

Example :- I am going to Mumbai.
                (Mumbai is proper Noun.)
            Bhagwad Gita is a famous Book.
                     (Bhagwad Gita -proper Noun.)

2. Common Noun :- 

Common Noun is the Name of a common person, Common place , animals or things that all are of Same kind.

Example :- man , boy , Girl , book , Country , Class , dog , Bird etc.

Example :- 
         1. Jharkhand is a proper noun , but state is a common noun.
          2. Delhi is a proper noun, but city is a common noun.

          3. Yamuna is a proper noun, but river is a common noun.
           4. Ram is a proper noun, but boy is common noun.

           5. Parrot is a proper noun but, bird is a common noun.

3. Collective Noun :- 

Collective Noun is the noun that refers a group of people, animals, things, committee, teams etc.

Example :- Crowd, army, bunch, class , family team, party etc.

     Example :- There are 11 players in a cricket team.

              2.  There are 12 banana on a bunch.

4. Material Noun :- 

A material Noun is the name of material substance.

Example :- paper, ghee, oil, water, wheat, rice,  

Milk, wood, suger, ink, wool etc .

In another word in the material noun we can't Count the objects, we only weight those item.

5. Abstract Noun :- 

 Abstract Noun refers that a type of things that we can't touch or count them we just feel the Abstract Noun.

Example :- Truth, youth, honesty, richness, goodness, foolishness, weakness, Poverty, friendship, childhood,  beauty, love etc.

In this examples we see that we just feel the love, truth, goodness, honesty etc. We can't touch them.     

What is Noun (4-Aug-2019)

Some examples this will be cleared you that how we catch Noun in sentences.

1. Ram is a honest man.
   Ram - proper Noun
Honest - Abstract Noun

2. There are eleven players in a football team
     Team - Collective Noun.

3. Gita is a famous book.
     Gita - Proper Noun
     Book - Common Noun

4. Give me 1 liter milk.
    Milk - Material Noun

5. Suger is sweet.
Suger - material Noun
Sweet - Abstract Noun

6. Some birds are flying on the Sky.
Birds - common Noun
Sky - Abstract Noun

7. When I go to patna City to meet my friend he is not at home.
     Patna - Proper Noun
     City - Common Noun

 Read the article carefully I have discussed about all things related to what is Noun and how many types of Noun with examples , If you like the artical then Comment.


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