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Wednesday, 7 August 2019

What is pronoun examples (Aug - 2019)

Before Knowing what is pronoun examples 1st of all we know that what is pronoun this is very nessessery so lets start.

What is pronoun examples (Aug - 2019)

What is pronoun :-

Pronoun is a word used to instead of the noun is called pronoun.

We can also say that we can use pronoun in the place of Noun.

Examples :- 1. Bishal is going to school
                  In this sentence Bishal is a Noun
So we can also use that he is going to school he use for bishal and Bishal is a Noun we use he for Bishal.

           2. Sita is Reading books.
Similarly we use She in the place of Sita , Sita is a noun and we use she in the place of sita so she is pronoun.

Suppose when A person say about any people, place, things etc then He can't use many times his name so that person use pronoun on this place like he, she, it, They etc.

What is pronoun examples :-

= I, me, he, she, many, few, who, each, they, it, herself, you, himself, someone, everybody, their, our,your, yours, mine, myself, yourself, us etc.

In this examples we mix all the examples related to pronoun and kinds of pronoun examples so you must focus on this ok.

When somebody ask you that ,What is the main uses of pronoun then you must say on this time that If you say something about Ram then you say Ram is a good boy, He study well, He is a hard worker, He is a simple boy, he go to school everyday. In this lines you see that we use only one or two times his name and we use many times he so He is a pronoun.

There are Ten kinds of pronoun :- 

1. Personal pronoun
2. Possessive pronoun
3. Reflexive pronoun
4. Emphatic pronoun
5. Demonstrative pronoun
6. Indefinite pronoun
7. Distributive pronoun
8. Ricprocal pronoun
9. Relative pronoun
10. Interrogative pronoun


  1. It is really helpful. Thanks for sharing this topic with us.

  2. A pronoun is an important part of any beginning level English curriculum. A pronoun is a Noun that is used instead of Noun. It is always used in the place of a naming word i.e., Noun. There are many kinds of the pronoun as you shared with us. But I think you also have to explain the types of pronouns. After I learn some important ways to understand grammar rules from, I understand that it is necessary to learn with examples because it is the interesting and best way to understand grammar rules from basics.