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Sunday, 4 August 2019

What is Tense (3-Aug-2019)

              What is Tense :-

A verb form or a series of verb forms used to express the time relation on a sentence is called Tense.

There are 3 distanction of Tense :-

1. Present Tense 
2. Past Tense 
3. Future Tense

What is Tense

If you read carefully the artical the all the dobout will be clear that what is Tense and how we use the tense in speaking english.

Again there are 4 distanction of each Tense.

The four distanction of Present Tense are as follows.

1. Simple present Tense

2. Present Continuous Tense

3. Present perfect Tense

4. Present perfect continuous Tense

1. Simple present Tense :- 

Simple present tense show that an action happen in the present time .

In this tense of the Sentence we made  (Subject+Verb)
 In this Tense we use Singular Verb and Plural Verb.

      FORMULA = Subject + Verb
          (Third person singular Number we use S/es )

     Example :- I eat.
                    I eat a mango.

          2. Ram eats a mango.

          3. Geeta goes to school.
            Geeta goes to market.

2. Present Continuous Tense:- 

Present Continuous tense indicates an action or role that is happening on same time.

Example :- Ram is sleeping.
                Mohan is reading books.
               You are watching movie.
In this example you will view that Ram is sleeping means in this time Ram is really sleeping or Mohan is reading books on that time when you are telling.

FORMULA = Subject + am / is / are + verb + ing + objects.

Example :- I am reading books.
           You are going to school.
        He is playing Cricket.

3. Present perfect Tense :-

Present perfect Tense indicates that the action is Completed, Sometimes ago from the present.

We always use verb three form.

Example :- He has gone .
           You have done this work.
             She has Read.
In this examples you see that the work which we talk about is Completed.
And that time never come again in the present.

FORMULA = Subject + has / have + Verb third form + object.

4. Present perfect Continuous Tense :-

The present perfect Continuous Tense is used for an action which began some times ago and continuing at the present.

Example :- He has been Reading for five hours. (And is still reading)
      I have been playing since 8 o clock. ( and is still playing.)

Formula = Subject + has / have +been + Verb 4 (verb +ing) + objects.

Similarly The four distanction of PAST TENSE are :-

1. Simple past Tense :-

Simple past Tense tells about an action which is started and Completed at a specfic time.
Example :- you jumped from the tree.
                You saw a picture yesterday.

With the help of this examples we know that some work is done ona specific time.

FORMULA :- Subject + 2nd form of verb + objects .

2. Past Continuous Tense :-

Past Continuous Tense tells us about ongoing action on the past or indicate that longer action on the past.

Example :- I was reading books.

              You were going to patna.

With the help of this examples we know that an action on the past or indicate longer action.

FORMULA :- Subject +Was/Were + 4th form of Verb + objects.

3. Past perfect Tense :-

The past perfect Tense tells us Something that happened in past before another action happened in the past.

Example :- 1. I wished I had gone to party
                  2. Mohan wished She had asked another question.
                 3. I had finished the game before he Came.

With the help of this examples we see that , Actually one event was completed before another past event .

FORMULA = Subject + had +3rd form of verb.

4. Past perfect Continuous Tense :-

The past perfect Continuous Tense is very similar with the past perfect tense, Something started in the past and continued until to another event happened in the past.

Example :- Riya had been shoping for almost an hour when she got an important phone call.
                  I had been working an the company for five years when I got the pormation.

In the examples we see that something started in the past and continued until another event happened.

FORMULA :- Subject + had been +4rd form of verb (verb + ing ) + object.

Similarly the four distanction of Future Tense are :-

1. Simple future tense :- 

Simple future tense used to express an action that will happen in the future.

Example :- I shall go to market.
                 I shell go to school everyday.

In this examples we see that an action that will happen on my future.

FORMULA :- Subject + shall / will + 1st form of Verb.

2. Future Continuous Tense :- 

Future Continuous Tense indicates us that the future action happen which will continue for a long time 

Example :- I shall be going to Delhi.
            She will be calling you soon.

In the examples we see that an action which will continue for a long time.

FORMULA = Subject + shall /will + be - 4rd form of verb + object.

3. Future perfect tense.

The future perfect tense indicate an action that will be completed between Now and some time happen in our future.

Example :- My sister will have cooked my favourite Dish.

               My brother will have gone to market .

In this examples we see that action will Completed between Now and some time on future.

FORMULA =  Subject + Shall / will + have + 3rd form of Verb.

Future perfect Continuous Tense :- 

Future perfect Continuous tense used to describe an ongoing action  that will complete in the future.

Example :- He will have been watching movies for 6 hours .

          She will have been coming for 5 years.

Formula :- Subject + shall / will + have + been + 4rd form of Verb + objects .

I have tried my best in this artical that What is Tense ,Now you can Comment how Is this artical helpful for You.